Your customized menu on iPad



D-menu is here to upgrade your
customers’ experience thanks to a digital
interactive menu



Not only your customers will experience
a new and unique concept, but they will also
find it fun and interactive

Friends celebrating life event in a restaurant


You are offering your customers
a lot more than just a dish :
it’s a fun and new experience


D-Menu offers a new, fun and interactive experience where the customers become actors of their choices.

Dish and wine suggestions, high quality photos and videos to guide your customers.

Our tests have proven that the total check amounts at tables with D-Menu tablets averaged 14% higher than at tables without it

Pionneers in the digital menu field, we offer you an aknowledged expertise and know-how .

D-Menu is leader in the field of interactive menus, and is the most recommended by restaurant owners.

Gastronomic restaurants, hotels or bar and cafés trust us to develop their digital strategies

You will finally be able to change your menu’s design with a couple clicks ! No need to print your menu everytime you want to make a slight change.

Do not hesitate anymore : whether it is for Valentine’s Day or for Christmas, your digital menu will allow you to adapt your design effectively and make changes within seconds. That will catch your customers’ eyes and increase your sales.

“This digital menu changed the way we work”

Hôtel Marriot

Tailor-made solution

A global solution

An intuitive solution, integrated and easy to use.

Simple set up.

We accompany you at every step.

Training needed so that the tool naturally becomes a part of your day.

A flexible solution

According to your organisation, your customers and your menu, choose several options that you can combine :

1 tablet per table
1 tablet per customer
1 tablet for the bar
1 tablet for your wine list

A customized solution

A consistent design respecting the visual identity of your establishment.

High definition culinary photographs that will delight your customers.

Within minutes, update a dish, a photo, a price.

Customization also means immediate visibility of your news, events and promotions.

Your menu optimized

Your wine list is an integral part of your retaurant. On an iPad, it would be more attractive and sophisticated and would definitely delight your customers

Thanks to our HD Videos, the sensorial experiment (plate presentation, cooking process) will spark a renewed interest for your customers.

D-menu is only available on iPad.