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The World Menu

Thanks to our certified translation teams, offer your customers trustworthy translations that ease their choices.


Gain visibility thanks to our app
available to the public


 Equip your restaurant with interactive and customizable iPad menus.
Delightful photos and videos facilitating orders.


Why choose TWM App ?

  • Stand out from the crowd
  • Quality translation
  • Geolocation
  • Your menu is available on any digital tool


Why chooose D-Menu ?

  • Turnkey service
  • Average ticket growth by 3-6%
  • Playful experience for your clients
  • Your image, your colors, your mood to upgrade your customer experience
  • Advertise your events
  • Develop your promotions

They trust us

“The World Menu Application enabled my waiters to have a more pleasant moment with our tourist
clients who were able to understand and appreciate the menu” Hôtel Renaissance – Soly Levy

“My first tourist table with The World Menu proved me the value of a
quality translation, and it clearly showed on the check” Les Fontaines – Stéphane

« I used to hesitate a lot before switching to digital. Thanks to The World Menu, managing
my menu became really easy. My waiters are satisfied with the transition. It helped us be more welcoming and precise. Making touristsdiscover something else than a classical meal, because they don’t necessarly understand all the vocabulary, and being ableto explain them the whole menu allowed us to attract a new customer base » – Le Capri – Kévin Torrini

« Rare languages in my menu helped us attract a new customer base. The combination of paper menu and digital seems to be the best alternative for the next years to come »– Sébastien Soriaux

In a couple clicks, your menu is visible

in several languages in your restaurant

and worldwide.

Download our app :